Three Ways to Make Your Cookout Juicy

Juicy burger and fries seasoned with Auntie Nono's on a plate

As grills and backyards season comes to an end, so does the opportunity for some friendly competition. That’s right. The juiciest way to enjoy a burger is by competing against friends and family for the most memorable patty of the day. 

So here are three ways to host an official Everything Seasoning Backyard Burger Competition. Get your apron, your grill, your beef, and your camera ready. 

Best By Category -

Get the whole range of burger-lovers involved. Have a prize set aside for the winningest well done, most meticulous medium, and the rarest of the rare. This competition calls for more judges, which means more folks are in on the fun. And, while you’re at it, you can accommodate everyone’s preference of burger doneness. 

Most Savory - 

Bragging rights go to whoever strikes the best savory balance. The way the Auntie Nono’s edge blends with the sear of the meat is something that’ll make your mouth water for some time, so it certainly deserves its own category of competition. Happy flavor-chasing!

Best in Show -

Let creativity reign on this one. Whether it’s the most colossal monster burger, the cutest little micro burger, or the most pristine grill marks, hand the honorary blue ribbon to the most photo-worthy of all the patties. And don’t forget to share the burger champ’s work on social media and tag @auntienonos for a chance to be featured.