The Auntie Nono's Story

kids cooking and using Auntie Nono's Everything Seasoning


“I’m not a cook. But, I do cook – because I’m a mom.”

These are the words of Auntie Nono. (And we think she’s selling herself a little short.) But, how did her seasoning get so amazing? Well, here’s the story of a family’s big effort to give back a small, wonderful thing to someone who’s always done the same for them.

It started in rural Ohio. It was the 1970s, and Auntie Nono loved to frequent a local shop for some of her favorite seasonings. The blend, made by a nearby farmer, worked on “truly…EVERYTHING.”

Faithfully, she bought cartons of the seasoning through the years, for herself, her family, and as gifts for her friends. But, eventually, the seasoning became difficult to find, until it was gone from shelves altogether.

Her godson happened to be at the table when she let her family know that she was down to the last of it, and he requested some to take home. A big ask for a little bit of her last seasoning. But, it’s because he was going to recreate it.

For six months, he sent her samples from his home in Charleston – inching closer and closer to their goal of a versatile blend with all-natural ingredients. Until they finally got it: Auntie Nono’s Everything Seasoning. The flavor, and the memories, of those meals she cooked before… it all came back to her.

As a much-loved mother of three, a grandmother of four, and an avid artist, Auntie Nono still doesn’t have much time on her plate after all these years. And that’s why, when it comes to cooking, she loves to do less, savor more. So you can do the same.