Not Confident in the Kitchen? We Have What You Need.

Still learning your way around the kitchen?

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed “take-out person” or just a home-chef-in-progress, Auntie Nono’s Everything Seasoning is here to make your life easier. Fuss-free, easy-to-use and ideal for most meals, this stuff is your ticket to foolproof foods!

Auntie Nono’s is a unique seasoning blend that brings everyday meals to life — without the stress (or judgement!) brought on by picture-perfect recipes that are five pages long. If you’re still experimenting with flavors and trying to find a good meal rotation, use Auntie Nono’s’ as a quick way to dress up even the most simple of dishes.

As you get more comfortable in the kitchen, bear in mind the following tips and know that we believe in you. With Auntie Nono’s in hand, even the most amateur of chefs will hear “Seconds, please!”

Add it to everything. (Seriously.)

Because the combination of seasonings allows different notes to enhance any food’s natural flavors, believe us when we say: We promise you can’t mess this up. Add a shake or two to soup bases, salads, veggies, proteins, and even snacks.


This seasoning can be applied at the beginning, middle or end of preparation for different effects. For example, using it in a chicken marinade before cooking will evoke a slightly different end result than if you sprinkle it into the yogurt dipping sauce that’s served alongside the meat.

Take easy wins where you can.

Think of Auntie Nono’s as a shortcut to fantastic flavor. Everything Seasoning isn’t reserved for gourmet chefs — it’s for everyone, on anything! It’s widely pleasing to a range of palates, so save yourself time (and sanity) by adding a couple of shakes to kick your meal up a notch.

We believe that every kitchen needs Auntie Nono's — no matter how experienced you are with a whisk.