Fun Ways to Get Your Kids in the Kitchen This Summer

two kids helping their mom in the kitchen with auntie nonos everything seasoning


The long summer days are here, and school is out. Involving your kids in the kitchen this summer is an excellent way to keep them entertained, promote independence, and encourage valuable life skills. 

Kids who assist in the kitchen are even more likely to have higher self-confidence and trust their creative instincts. Here are a few ways to let them in on the fun this summer.

Have Them Help with Reading and Measuring

Cooking is an excellent activity for kids to utilize their reading and mathematical abilities over the summer. Kids can read the nutritional facts for ingredients to learn more about their nutrients. 

Beginning readers can read the list of ingredients for a recipe and gather everything you need for the dish, or you might have them read the steps to a basic recipe. If you’re missing an ingredient or two, they can practice their handwriting and make a grocery list. 

More advanced readers can read and assist with the preparations for more involved recipes. Have kids gather the measuring tools you need for a recipe or adjust the recipe for a smaller or larger crowd to practice their math skills.

They can use their measuring skills by portioning out just the right amount of Seafood Seasoning for their eggs or potato wedges. 

Encourage Them to Find Recipes They Want to Try

Get your kids involved and have them find recipes that they want to prepare. A kid-friendly recipe book is an excellent alternative to find recipe ideas, or you can browse the internet for kid-approved options. 

If you’re feeling brave, you might even have your child write their own recipe. The end result might not be the tastiest dish, or even palatable, but your kids are guaranteed to have a terrific time.

They’ll also learn that, next time, maybe less is more when it comes to certain ingredients. 

Invite Your Kids to Adjust Frequently Used Recipes

It’s fun for kids to see how changing even one or two ingredients transforms a recipe. Maybe they want to see how Reese’s Pieces taste in place of chocolate chips in their favorite homemade cookies.

Or, perhaps they want to see what happens when you add two teaspoons of Everything Seasoning to roasted vegetables. 

Your kids will learn how adjusting and swapping ingredients ultimately changes the taste and texture of a dish. 

Turn Food into Decorations

Let your kiddos play with their food! Have them use their favorite food items to create meals that also function as décor. 

For example, when you make pancakes for breakfast, have your kids use cut-up pieces of fruit, breakfast meat, or other toppings to make silly faces or create their favorite animals. 

Break out the food coloring so that your kids can turn their favorite dishes red, blue, or even purple. Encourage them to combine multiple colors to see what hues they can create. 

Stock Up on Flavor

Make sure you have everything you need for kid-friendly summer cooking sessions by stocking up on Auntie Nono’s finest!