Crazy Easy Fish Tacos

three fish tacos with cabbage and toppings and lime slices with auntie nonos everything seasoning


It’s difficult to trace the origin of our obsession with fish tacos. It likely goes back thousands of years — for as long as humans have been cooking meals on the Pacific coast of America. But never in their long history have fish tacos been as fanaticized as they have been in recent years with their easy-going deliciousness and a look that’s begging to show up on your Instagram. 

But despite the simple concept of this dish, recipes tend to get pretty lavish in their list of ingredients. So, here’s an easy alternative with just a handful of ingredients that maintain the fun of making fish tacos, but might leave you a bit more time to go on a drink run before your guests arrive. 

The heroes of this recipe are the two flavor-hacks of Auntie Nono’s Everything Seasoning and Big Charlie’s Salad Dressing. With Nono’s capitalizing on the more mild flavors of the fish and Charlie’s blessing the cabbage base, you’re all set for some big, tasty bites between those tortillas.