Caution: Works on Everything (Protein Edition)

For home cooks who want to get food on the table fast, there’s no better go-to than a bottle of Auntie Nono’s Everything Seasoning. Whether you’re making a quick, kid-friendly meal or a juicy tenderloin dinner for two, Auntie Nono’s hits the spot every time.

Because of its custom blend of spices, our Everything Seasoning accents a vast range of different flavors and brings any meal to life. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, add a sprinkle of Auntie Nono’s to your protein for a fuss-free meal that powers you through your day.

Here are just a few of our favorite ways to prepare proteins:


Fried, scrambled, sunny-side up, boiled, over easy…  eggs are just about as versatile as our seasoning! To add a little extra oomph to this breakfast staple, add a dash of Everything Seasoning at the very end of your cooking process.


Everything Seasoning makes cooking meat as easy as 1-2-3. Try it as a marinade, or sprinkle it on after your meat is done cooking. The interesting thing about Auntie Nono’s is that the seasonings will pick up different flavors based on when you add it to your dish — so feel free to experiment!


A shake of Everything Seasoning works well on everything from fried shrimp to baked salmon. Savory flavor couldn’t be easier for your seafood!


Auntie Nono’s is not just for the meat eaters in your life. While tofu can taste decidedly bland on its own, it’s pleasing to all palates with a hearty shake of Everything Seasoning on top.


Legumes come in many shapes in sizes (think beans, chickpeas, lentils, etc.) and are a great source of protein. Try making crispy chickpeas coated in Auntie Nono’s — it’s a wonderful, crunchy addition to your salad or for snacking!

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Your secret shortcut to savory protein is only a few shakes away.