Auntie Nono's Goes Camping: The Top 5 Things You Need Before You Go

cooking food over a campfire

Most nature lovers know about the bare camping essentials, like a tent, warm clothes, and firewood, just to name a few. Camping enthusiasts know what to bring in terms of warmth and safety, but let’s face it, the best part of camping is the food! 

Compiling the perfect camping kitchen for all your grilling desires can be tricky, as there’s always something you forget to pack. You should also use both a portable camp stove and your campfire for cooking your meals to perfection, so there’s a lot to remember. 

Today, we will break down the top five things you need to complete the ideal camping kitchen. The hope is that you’ll be ready to grill to your heart’s content this summer! 

Camping Stove, Grill, and Fuel

Camping stoves are a great investment if you frequently camp throughout the summer. They’re easy to use and an excellent way to complete full camping meals with sides.

You can evenly cook and season meats and vegetables with a camping stove, and they’re similar to cooking with a gas stove at home. Most camping stoves require propane, butane, or a mixture. 

Folding grills are an efficient way to get those delicious grill marks on your food if you want to stick with cooking over the fire. You could also opt for a portable grill, which is easy to set up and travel with. Many come with support legs, grease pans, and warming racks. 

Matches / Lighter 

Part of the fun of camping is cooking your meals directly on your campfire. Both matches or a lighter are good ways to build your fire, with lighters being more convenient and straightforward. That said, matches are sometimes more wind-resistant and waterproof, so it’s good to have both on hand. 

Camp Cooler

Keeping your food cold is essential to maintain freshness. You should try to find a cooler with decent ice retention, which means the amount of time the cooler can hold ice before it melts. Hard-sided coolers are also better for camping trips than softer counterparts, as they’re larger and can fit both drinks and food. 

Food and Seasonings

Several types of meat and proteins can go on the grill and come out tasting incredible, so you have many options. 

With Auntie Nono's Seasonings, you can carry less while still bringing the flavor. Sprinkle t-bone steaks with Auntie Nono's Everything Seasoning and Firecracker Sea Salt. Our Everything Seasoning is great with chicken and grilling vegetables like onions, eggplant, peppers, and mushrooms. Went fishing during the day? Auntie Nono’s Seafood Seasoning is perfect for grilling fish over the campfire. 

Grilling Utensils

This summer, you should have the holy trinity of grilling utensils on hand; a study set of tongs, a spatula, and a two-tine fork. Make sure you bring stainless steel utensils with heat-resistant silicone for gripping. 

Additional Camping Kitchen Essentials: 

  • Bottle opener
  • Can opener
  • Sharp knife
  • Grill for the fire
  • Drinks/water
  • Cast iron skillet
  • Oil
  • Cutting board
  • Grilling baskets 
  • Pots and pans
  • Disposable or plastic dinnerware
  • Cutlery 
  • Extra dry wood for the fire