5 Tasty Tips to Make Back-to-School Life Easier

chalkboard with the words "Back to School" surrounded by school supplies.


Busy moms have a lot on their plate and have to ensure their kids always have something on their plate - literally!

Not to mention that back-to-school season is one of the most stressful times for parents. The return of strict schedules, early mornings, and after-school planning may loom over families, but there are ways to make at least one area of your life slightly more under control. And that area is the kitchen.

So, check out these five ways busy moms can do less, and the kids can savor more.

Meal-Prepping & Menu-Building

Prepping lunches, dinners, and even breakfasts (smoothies, anyone?) in advance can make the hectic back-to-school period go much more smoothly. To take it one step further, you can plan a menu and stick to it.

For example, Monday's dinner could be… A Simple, Healthy Salmon with Seafood Seasoning, and Green Beans on the Side with Burger Seasoning.

Of course, Tuesday would be Taco Night: Chicken, Beef, or Shrimp with Grilling Seasoning. Etc etc.

Knowing what’s coming ahead makes grocery shopping and time-saving all the easier!

Easy Breakfasts

Breakfast is both the most chaotic meal of the day and the most important. But, the reality is… if it’s got more than just a handful of ingredients, that breakfast recipe probably isn’t happening.

So, stick to classic dishes with high-quality ingredients. Then, all you need is a little flavor to seal the deal.

For Scrambled Eggs with Veggies & Meat, try Everything Seasoning, or even our Seafood Blend. For Steak Tips or Bacon, the Steakhouse flavor is a guaranteed win.

Packed Lunches

When it comes to packed lunch, we all know it's difficult to load up wholesome foods that save throughout the morning.

Some Ideas:

For cooler months, try Savory Chicken Noodle Soup in a thermos. For year-round tastiness, go for a sandwich of Fajita Veggies and your kiddo’s favorite sandwich meat.

Or, try giving them some leftovers from the night before. What you made was delicious, and they’re lucky to snag a second round!

Tasty Snacks

The trick is filling them up with something that fits in a plastic bag. Tricky but doable!

Hard-boiled eggs with Everything or Steakhouse Seasoning is a great protein-packed, easy-to-eat snack that you can prep and peel in advance. Slices of avocado or toast with avocado or white beans are other great snack ideas you can prepare in advance.

And lastly, popcorn with Auntie Nono's Firecracker Sea Salt (instead of butter) is a healthy snack you can quickly grab for the kids after a busy school day.


It’s simple. But, this tip just might be the most important. You’ve done a lot. Treat yourself accordingly with this Margarita!