Quick & Easy Dinner in Your Instant Pot

creamy chicken parmesan pasta in a bowl


Here at Auntie Nono's, we’re always looking for ways to help families put together quick and easy meals. Many parents enjoy cooking with their Instant Pot because they can effortlessly combine the ingredients and then get ready to enjoy a flavorful dinner with their family. 

Auntie Nono's line of seasonings is incredibly versatile; they work well in—and enhance the flavor of—numerous Instant Pot dinner recipes. If you’re looking for a kid-friendly recipe that utilizes our Everything Seasoning, we have a fantastic one to share with you: Instant Pot Creamy Parmesan Chicken Pasta. Most kids enjoy eating chicken, cheese, and noodles, and when we tested this recipe for ourselves, we appreciated how the flavors of our Everything Seasoning complemented the dish.  

If you’re a parent who encourages their child to get involved in the cooking process, this recipe is sure to be a delight to make alongside your little helper. Invite your child to season, measure, pour, and then set the table while your Instant Pot works its magic.