Everything Popcorn

We’ve been eating popcorn for at least one thousand years. Yes, archaeologists have devoted themselves to such pursuits and found traces of the snack in Peruvian ruins. And its width of influence is as wide as its history is deep -- associated with the  movie theaters and baseball stadiums of just about any American childhood.

So where to go from here? There’s been chocolate-covered popcorn, caramel-coated popcorn, cheese-lover’s popcorn, and even caviar popcorn. Popcorn machines have been built on industrial levels and they’ve graced microwaves across the country. Put simply, there’s nothing that hasn’t been done when it comes to this famous snack.

That’s when you get back to the classics.

Auntie Nono’s Everything Seasoning pulls out the original flavor of popcorn, all while adding a bit of a savory edge. And in this method, you can feel a little better about the process and ingredients compared to its more wild varieties. It’s straightforward, repeatable, and addicting. Like a classic should be.