Collard Greens Rainbow Chard Medley

Introducing a non-traditional take on the beloved tradition of comfort food, it’s the Collard Greens Rainbow Chard Medley.

This one comes from Katie Wiley at The Kitchen Wild. She was the perfect person to share this recipe. Along with her family, she’s a strong believer in tradition and how food can be shared across generations. And for recipes to stand the test of time, they have to be as delicious as they are quick. This one won't slow you down from your day-to-day life with its short ingredient list, easy prep, and simple solution to flavor.  

You’ll find that the natural juices of the bacon really pop with a healthy shake of Auntie Nono’s Everything Seasoning. It really is the secret behind any batch of memorable bacon. And once it's all blended together, the flavors of the greens will also stand out in new, repeatable ways. 

Don't be surprised if this recipe becomes a staple on your family's list of go-to comfort foods. 

So, from Katie's table and Nono’s Kitchen, here's Collard Greens Rainbow Chard Medley.