Avocado Feta Breakfast Bowl

While everyone loves a breakfast bar, most will agree that two ounces of granola and dark chocolate just isn’t quite enough to kick off the day. 

*Enter the Avocado Feta Breakfast Bowl* 

This one’s courtesy of Ashlynne Clifton of — an expert on all things meal-planning and family-life. She loves to combine these two aspects, and they certainly do so in this recipe (with plenty of flavor to spare).

Prep and cook time combine at under one hour, so you can efficiently make yourself or your family a full-blown meal that’s worth enjoying at the table. If pressed for time, or you just have night-owl tendencies, dice those veggies the night before for an expedited breakfast prep. Either way, you’re bound to enjoy this bowl and how it sets the tone for the rest of the day.