6 Fun and Unique Stocking Stuffers for the Holidays

auntie nonos savory sampler gift set on a pile of snow with Christmas decorations


Hot take: Stockings are the underrated gems of Christmas morning. 

Sure, they may not be wrapped and under the tree, but what's better than a treasure trove of tiny surprises? 

However, one downside to stockings is that they can get a little redundant over the years — especially if you're filling them for the same loved one year after year. There's only so many times you can buy their favorite candy and a new pair of socks. That's why we're here to offer a fresh take on stocking stuffers. With these ideas, you can put together a stocking that will (stay with us, here) knock their socks off. 

A new phone case

Chances are, theirs is beat up or could use a refresh, so this will be a surprise that is both welcomes and useful. 

Fun & Funky Stickers 

A cool sticker can add some needed flair to a laptop case or water bottle. We might even have some that we think are pretty awesome- check them out.

A fun (small!) game

While you can always go with a classic card game like Uno, there are also tons of options for fun games that will fit in a stocking. Find something you'll enjoy playing together. Even a deck of cards gives endless options for hours of entertainment. 

Spices and seasonings 

For the grill lover or home chef in your life, some unique additions to their spice cabinet will be much appreciated. Might we suggest Auntie Nono's Savory Sampler Set? You can even split this trio between a few stockings. 

Pocket-sized hand sanitizer

Because, really — can any of us actually ever have enough these days? 

Toiletry refills 

It might seem silly, but throwing in a stick of their trusty deodorant and a tube of their favorite lotion not only saves them a trip to the store, but also shows you pay attention. 

Of course, you may also still want to throw in a bag of their favorite candy, if they've come to expect it. No sense messing with tradition! 

Let us help you stuff those stockings. 

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